Satisfying the “Lust”


Updates from home

The title of this blog is Hubbard Wanderlust, and just because I’m not in the position any longer to travel frequently, does not mean the Lust is not there. “Lust” means “appetite or zest for” in German. I regularly assure Hubby that we WILL travel again to those places we dreamed of during our short stint in Indonesia. We may not stay in a villa, but we will find a way. On the Wanderlust list: Iceland to see Garđar and Kristin, and geysers; Ireland; NYC to visit Julie, Jessica and Bill; Canada to see cousins Paul and Sue; California – more cousins, … and the rest of the world, of course.

In addition to travel, there are many other things I’ve lusted after (it sounds much naughtier in English) that have been more easily fulfilled in this state of unemployed limbo. For example, playing great music. There’s a new Irish tune group in town that’s led by a professor of distinction, and I’m honored to be playing fiddle with them. Irish music is one of my greatest loves, and I’ve wanted to learn it for decades, and the timing is right. This gentleman also has plans to get a gamelan set here! Balinese music in Spearfish! I’ve also been asked to join a local jazz band playing the piano. Another love of mine. These are mostly older gals and fellas (calling them that ameliorates the “old”, right?) who love playing and who perform around the area. And then there’s the loyal piano duet club in town who are preparing for their biannual concert at the end of the month. Always fun!

Books. So many books, so little time, as “they” say. I used to feel guilty reading for pleasure, because there were always papers to grade, course planning to finish and household chores. The chores are still there, and I still neglect them as often as before, but now I read books! I’ve finished Room, Dark Matter: a Novel, and Wool, among others. You can see I like the creepy stuff. I’m in the middle of The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden, a quirky and hilarious romp set in South Africa during Apartheid. A very intelligent former student recommended American Gods by Neil Gaiman, so I bought it and anticipate it will be deep and thought-provoking. Thanks Ben.

The rage among the ladies in Tembagapura was the Thermomix, an amazing all-in-one kitchen gadget that’s been around for decades in the rest of the world. Of course I had to have one. I’ve made yogurt, bread, lava cakes, German Quark donut balls (OMG), pudding and so many more delights that fattened me right back up. There is also the option of cooking really healthy food in the Thermomix, and I’ll get to that eventually. I suffered (Hee hee) inexplicable weight loss in Indonesia. My palate never did find delight in much of the Indonesian food, and the international dishes offered were never quite the same, save for the Sunday brunches at the Lupe. Consequently, I shrank.

I made soap, another thing I’d planned for years and now have time for. Yummy lavender, orange and peppermint soap.

Wanderlust. When you’re not working, there’s time for the mind to wander. Mostly about finding a job, but I often think about how proud I am of our son and daughter who both finished their undergrad degrees this May. Wow. One’s a pilot, the other a mathematician. Both so brave and intelligent. It amazes me that I turned out such amazing kids. We are so excited about watching their next ventures, and hoping they let us help out and hang around them a lot.

My daily routine involves a visit to the nursing home memory care wing. Mom is always ecstatic to see me and wonders how I knew where she is and how she will get home when she checks out?

This is the greatest blessing to this otherwise discouraging time in our lives. We have time for each other. To comfort and laugh with Mom in the nursing home while doing her nails or playing BINGO. To spend relaxed time with Hubby, cooking meals, watching our shows, bicycling on the Mickelson and going out with friends.

The bright side always wins!