Winging it


It’s all about the adventure:

In a country where tribes still war, before the freight has arrived, before Wi-Fi is installed in your apartment, and without a TV you have to improvise. This manifests itself in a variety of realitites:

Realizing there probably won’t be a bus to Timika this weekend for golf or shopping because of the TRIBAL UNREST!

Accepting that you are the wife and will NOT be given legal access to the bank account.

Tethering your phone to the computer in order to create a Wi-Fi hotspot

Using superglue from artificial nail kit to plug the ant path and to fix the knob on the          bathroom drawer

Transferring cleaning liquids from pouches to used water bottles so they don’t spill

Going without a nightcap because the bar closes at 8:30 – every day.

Learning how to put money on the phones in a SIM card system wondering why your call got cut off when you appear to still have money.

Where to get mail and send letters

Accepting that there will not always be Internet

Trusting that the lake in the back yard will subside

Buying jeans at the Hero store and hemming with a motel sewing kit

Ordering pad Thai and chicken soup at an Indonesian restaurant because you can’t            read the menu.

Rejoicing at 14 boxes at the DHL office that we have to get ourselves without a car
Walking everywhere – uphill

Shopping at the store

with your face buried in your phone for translations

Reheating food on the stove and toasting bread in the oven.

Buying UHT (ultra pasteurized milk) because there’s usually no fresh milk.

Snacking on Crab Crackers in place of tortilla or potato chips.

And tolerating the high-decibel aerobics class from across the alley: dance music, screaming and all.




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