Exit Stage Left

Was it Snagglepuss who said, “Exit stage left?” We are allowed 1,000 pounds of airfreight, and a “reasonable” amount to send in a sea container. The movers came two weeks ago to pack our boxes and load the sea items. Once they arrived, someone remembered that, though 1,000 lbs. would easily fit into 4 large boxes of 250 lbs. each (which is what they brought), each box is only permitted to be 65 lbs. So those 4 large boxes wouldn’t work, and someone had to bring some smaller ones from Rapid City. This, along with the fact that two of the men were on their first day on the job, and didn’t see any problem with just placing the items in boxes with barely any cushioning. It will be interesting to see what makes it in one piece. If you recall, you cannot just go shop for new things in Tembagapura. There is only one store (do you remember the old Gambles stores?), and the stock varies each week.

I feel we can live without a lot of the comforts of home for a time. The airfreight may arrive within a month. The sea, on the other hand, could take up to 6 months. And that is where we stupidly put the microwave. And my piano!

On July 14th, Todd and I sped around town filling last-minute prescriptions to last a year, making a bank run, and quick stops for rushed good-byes. I was determined not to allow myself a “snot fest” (I pirated this from another Tembagapura blogger), and was mostly successful. All the while daughter Lizzy packed up her car for return to East River South Dakota, where she’ll finish therapy on her knee, on-line courses, and gaining flying hours. She was very brave and only dropped a tear or two in our presence.

Our friends Kris and Woody Hayes helped send us off, and Woody drove us 50 miles to the airport in Rapid City.

So-long for now. We are very excited and positive about this trek, fully aware of the challenges that face us.



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