Cathay Pacific Lavatories, etc.

Flying without an unexpected delay is unusual for me, but again, as in February, we avoided one. Though, instead of a three hour layover in LA, we had to race to our Hong Kong flight, because construction at LAX caused us to delay departure from Dallas/Ft. Worth. Once snugly buckled into our Lay Z Boys on a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777, champagne in hand, plane far from being loaded, the 14 and a half hour flight to Hong Kong was much the same as in February.

Certainly the fact that we are moving half way around the world is exciting. But often focusing on the small stuff along the way is just as entertaining and makes the whole concept less daunting. For example, I get to delight in the simple action of using the restroom on a Cathay Pacific 777. Before takeoff, I set out for my usual trek to the lavatory. The one on my side was occupied, and I waited what I thought was very patiently. The young male Chinese flight attendant apparently saw the slight level of discomfort on my face, and rushed to the lavatory on the other side, returned with an enormous grin, and reported that it was indeed vacant. He ushered me there proudly (it was 15 feet away). A short time later when the same attendant came to deliver the evening’s menu, he again apologized that I had had to wait. He has no idea.

Perhaps you aren’t as interested in airplane loos, but I spend a lot of time there, so I also enjoy the fact that these are cleaned after each use; and that there are live orchids in them. I know from experience that this will not be the case in Indonesia. There one should bring one’s own toilet paper, and the floor is likely to be wet from all the spraying with the kitchen-like sprayer that is used in lieu of TP. As Jimmy Fallon says, “Aieeww.”

There’s another important difference between flying Economy and Business, and this is the airport lounge. Yes, we each had a shower in Hong Kong in a luxurious private shower/bathroom. The guilty conscience was not enough to deprive me of relishing this rare pleasure on an international flight. The free buffet wasn’t bad either.


leg room
This becomes a bed with TV, cabinet, blankets, pillow. Spoiled? yes – and  blessed, and grateful.



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