Though I have written dozens of 20-page papers, I am not a willing or happy writer. For me it is a painstaking process, because I second guess every word, and am an unskilled typist, since I took music classes instead of typing at Brookings High School. There, see? That was a run-on and I think I ought to go back and fix it, but decide against it.

Why a blog, then, you ask? Because it’s the best way I can devise to keep my friends posted on our imminent move to Papua, New Guinea, Indonesia without clogging up Facebook. Hubby Todd nabbed a great job at the Grasberg Copper mine 14,000 ft. in the mountainous jungle. About Grasberg Mine

The health approval came in from Johannesburg last week, and the moving company called this morning, so this dream is surely becoming reality, and it’s time to take it seriously. Most of my emotions involve excitement in my tummy; yet the doubts creep in periodically, with wonder at what on earth we think we’re doing posing as worldly citizens who deserve such an incredible opportunity. And who is going to look after my dear momma? And who will take our cats?

Aside from those concerns, this is an ideal time for Todd and me to take this step. His job at Barrick is ending, my courses are dwindling, and Tobias and Lizzy are off doing their things. So, wish us well, say some prayers, and keep checking back for updates to Crossbards Wanderlust!



2 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Hi Connie, thanks for sharing your blog with me. It both fascinated and worried me. What an experience it must be and sounds like you are very positive and flexible; both of which will help you greatly. I will be thinking of you and praying for you both. Enjoy your challenge!


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